Artist Statement


"If nothing else, believe in art."

It all starts with my collection of odd and unique things. Over the past 10 years, I have amassed a collection that would make some of the boldest of collectors envious. Each piece is unique and each piece has a story to be told. There are those who may claim that I have a slight hording problem, but these little trinkets inspire each and every work I create. From rolls of caution tape to vintage Monopoly game pieces; I have taken them and applied them in such a way to make them beautiful. For years I have toyed with the concept of challenging peoples predispositions of beauty. By taking the overlooked items of everyday life and incorporating them into artwork, I have managed to create works that encourage viewers to see the beauty behind everyday objects.

“To make them see beauty where it isn’t supposed to be found.”

My work represents an intersection of my love for fashion and my Collection of Random Things. Each piece is hand crafted from my immense collection and from my massive assortment of fabrics. I deliberately choose floral fabrics that are audacious and bright, or may even remind you of your grandmother’s old couch. The fabrics incorporated in my work are hand selected from a variety of fabric stores and vintage markets from around the world. The fabric is then embellished by hand, making the particular cut of cloth unique unto itself.

Recently, I have been producing portraits inspired by individuals I have met while living in California. Each person I met, I saw a bit of myself in them and the body of work is the result of a merging of those people and myself. While still honoring my mixed media background, all the works incorporate fabrics and at least one of my “little treasures.”

I launched my career shortly after I graduated high school. I built my confidence by attending art festivals in the Texas region. At the height of my time there, I attended Main Street Art Festival, both Bayou City Art Festivals, and Deep Ellum Art Festival. I studied Design at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY before moving to Oakland, California where I currently live/work.