Works inspired by strangers

This series is motivated by individuals I have crossed paths while living in Oakland. I sought to connect with strangers to show that what was once foreign can sometimes be familiar. I interacted with people that drew my attention; some caught it by what they were wearing or a book they were reading and I sought to make a connection. Some were more willing than others; many would insist as staring at their phones as if they couldn’t comprehend why a stranger was trying to talk to them.

Connecting with complete strangers is a rare interaction in our society, people do their best to avoid one another when they can and I am no different, but this project allowed me to conquer my fear and broadened my horizons to see that everyone has something to offer and it’s up to you to discover it.

Each face represents an interaction that allowed me to see a bit of myself in them or vice versa, so respectively, the portraits are merger of myself and the stranger that I identified with. Staying true to my mixed media background I used vibrant floral fabric than I felt embodied the personality of the given stranger and embellishments that embodied my own.